Exercise DVD
Take a good walk
Leslie Sansone: Ultimate 5 Day Walk Plan

Leslie Sansone holds to the philosophy that exercise doesn’t have to be high-impact. If you like to walk but the treadmill is boring or you need some inspirational words, this DVD may help shake things up without requiring you to leave your living room. The energetic Sansone has planned out five days of exercise, with increasingly long walks that are accompanied by sessions for working various muscle groups. You don’t need to use weights, but Sansone recommends three- to five-pound dumbbells. Because there is no jumping or pounding on the joints, this DVD is well suited to anyone experiencing or recovering from an injury or those at a lower fitness level. If you love to walk outdoors, this program is a great way to continue your fitness training in inclement weather. If your fitness level is pretty high, this might not be the program for you, though.

Cleaning Up
Eat your vegetables
VegNews, April

Not everyone is convinced that eating or avoiding certain foods can help remove toxins from your body, but Christina Pirello of VegNews is a true believer. She argues that a “cleanse” can help your liver and kidneys speed up toxin removal.

You’ve heard of fads like the vegetable-only or juice cleanse; Pirello’s version isn’t so limiting. There are 10 foods — she calls them the “superheroes of clean” — that she suggests adding to a normal diet. Garlic, cabbage, green tea, leafy greens and broccoli sprouts all have the power, Pirello says, to speed up the cleansing enzymes in your liver. Fresh fruit and daikon, or icicle radish, are both high in Vitamin C, which is thought to stimulate weight loss. Whole grains are rich in soluble fiber, which helps keep things moving. Lemon helps convert toxins into a form that the body can easily flush out. The most crucial element of a cleanse, she says, is water. If you don’t stay hydrated, your body won’t function properly and your detox efforts won’t be effective. Because there isn’t much scientific information to support these cleanses, it is difficult to measure results, but Pirello maintains that cleansing once yearly will keep your body in tiptop shape, and if it helps you embrace healthful eating, that’s a good thing.

Whitney Fetterhoff