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A few more facts of lice

Having had several rounds with head lice with my four children, I read “The facts of lice” [Dec. 3] with interest. Unfortunately, there is little education from schools on how it takes more than one application of an over-the-counter lice shampoo and a comb-through to eliminate the problem. Some schools don’t even let parents know about head lice infestations, which leads to head lice becoming a bigger problem and spreading to more children.

One reason head lice continually makes the rounds at school (one grade at my children’s elementary school had it cycling around for six months last year!) is that it takes more than one nit-picking session (with or without special shampoos) to get rid of head lice. You must nitpick every day for 14 consecutive days to make sure all the nits are found and removed. Otherwise, you’ll have another round of lice to populate the head.

Sarah Hamaker, Fairfax


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