Beware the can lid

Regarding “There Will Be Blood. Yours.” [Jan. 8]: A knife isn’t necessarily the most dangerous utensil in the kitchen — a simple can lid can be equally dangerous.

I am not a professional chef, but my family and friends consider me to be a fairly accomplished cook. What happened in my kitchen back in October was the stuff of gory movies.

I was opening a can of Roma tomatoes to make sauce (yes, from scratch). The can opener did not do a perfect job, and the lid was stuck in two places. In my effort to pry off the lid, one of those stuck spots popped unexpectedly and I cut my right middle finger. I knew immediately that it was deep and would need stitches. So off to urgent care I went. But the story doesn’t end there.

Days later, I had more than two hours of surgery to repair a severed tendon and nerves, and I was in a cast for eight weeks. I have been in physical therapy since five days post-surgery, and I’m not fixed yet.

My injury may require a second surgery and will certainly require more therapy — all from the lid of a can.

P.S.: I am now the proud owner of an opener that crimps the edges of a can.

Elizabeth Davis, McLean