Eating well on the road

I just read “If you don’t plan ahead, a road trip can be a nutritional nightmare” [Dec. 20], and I must point out another viewpoint.

My husband and I just drove over 6,000 miles to California and back, and we ate the healthiest meals you could want, all at a reasonable price. We are 82 and do not want to waste money or time when we travel. We never go into a town, always stop at the exits that have eating places and gas stations, take care of everything in one stop, and move on.

We saw zillions of McDonald’s, some pizza places and other fast-food operations, but we never once ate any of that food. We found other options. The Cracker Barrel stores have menus for kids and seniors, with serving sizes and prices that are appropriate. We even split an adult order when we wanted no leftovers in the car. Denny’s offers discounts for AARP members, and some places honor AAA cards for discounts.

I think your article was fine as far as it went, but it leaves the reader thinking there is nothing but fast food on the road. Not true.

Try it, and eat the good stuff!

Joan Levinson, Potomac