Love is in the mind, not in the heart

Nearly 400 years after William Shakespeare asked, "What is love?," brain imaging studies are allowing scientists to give at least a partial answer. As our calendars get closer to Feb. 14, a day when passion is deeply associated with the heart, love will in fact be in the mind. A recent study shows love is a complex emotion triggered by 12 specific areas of the brain — the network of love.

Sources: Stephanie Cacioppo, research assistant professor in psychology, University of Chicago; Helen Fisher, biological anthropologist and research professor, Rutgers University; Margaret McCarthy, University of Maryland;; Oxford Journals; ScienceDaily; Wayne State University School of Medicine; Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy, University of Texas Medical School at Houston; Psychology Today | Todd Lindeman and Alberto Cuadra - The Washington Post February 11, 2013
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