Doctors couldn’t figure out why she was so sick. Then a test revealed a surprising problem.

From birth, she coped with oddly floppy limbs.

Friends had sailed through the hand operation, but now she was worse than ever.

Poor communication and faulty assumptions fueled a dangerous situation.

A physical therapist had a hunch that proved to be correct.

Doctors had told this woman she’d just have to live with her searing pain.

A friend implored her to find out why her breathing was so noisy. Luckily, she did.

Tests by specialists ruled out exotic infections and allergies.

Adrift on a sea of possible causes, she took charge of her health and found the answer.

There are ways to avoid being trapped by a condition that doctors can’t understand.

After his vision ‘fell off a cliff,’ he got very worried.

‘I’m a guy, it didn’t faze me’ quickly turned into ‘This is scary.’

A feeding tube kept her alive. Then a determined medical student figured out the problem.

A neurologist identified a problem that many physicians mistake for eczema.

In the end, the diagnosis ended up being stunningly simple.

When he become moody and delusional, doctors feared dementia. His family doubted it.

Long-delayed diagnosis caused years of pain and frustration.

They rushed her into emergency surgery. What they found surprised them.

His mouth was aflame. Doctors found nothing. Finally the right one paid attention.

‘The teeth looked just like Erica’s.’ She immediately emailed the article to the pediatric neurologist.

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