A 39-year-old real estate executive wasn’t sure the midnight ER trip was necessary. Without it, he might be dead.

After hearing a case study in class, Kimberly Ho was startled by the similar symptoms.

“I had never heard of it,” her mother said of the little girl’s surprising diagnosis. “Most people haven’t.”

“I knew something was really wrong,” Larry Weller says. He — not his doctors — requested a blood test that revealed the cause.

Attracting and retaining patients are key goals of affiliations between community hospitals and big-name institutions.

How did a nurse — and especially her doctors — miss what was so obvious?

Barry Goldsmith avoided doctors’ offices. But headaches and scary blood pressure spikes masked a festering problem that suddenly could have killed him.

A recurrent problem for a mother and her children turned out to be something much scarier.

A seasoned pediatrician’s unexpected diagnosis proves a turning point for 10-year-old and his family.

Many young adults demand convenience and speedier alternatives. But experts warn there could actually be unexpected health costs.

She was chided for “Google medicine.” Then her health got so bad she needed nine hours of complicated surgery.

It interrupted sleep, made conversation impossible and ‘literally was driving me crazy.’

A little girl’s frequent skin infections turned out to be a telltale sign of a serious problem.

Many doctors know nothing about the disorder that made this woman so sick.

Two doctors blamed a kayaking injury. A scan eventually revealed something much scarier.

The child grew up with a terrible cough, and it took a dozen years to find out why.

In some cases, information now available to people without talking to a doctor can be a source of confusion and alarm and the cause of more work for doctors because it comes without adequate guidance.

Patient portals often provide information without explanation and context.

A woman was diagnosed with bad acid reflux until a family link revealed something much more unusual.

Then a physical therapist recalled an odd condition that afflicts concert pianists.

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