Lithe ladies should step aside

I find it curious that you omitted one very prominent reason men don’t do yoga in “If yoga is so good for you, why don’t more men do it?” [Oct. 22].

I am a chronic exerciser with a trainer and have wanted for years to do yoga. Each time I run into an instructor, I implore her (it’s always a her) to consider a class I call yoga for old men, a class for men not trained, not limber, who would benefit far more from yoga than the lithe young women who populate the classes I see.

Your article blamed men for being uninterested in yoga. In my experience, it is young women lacking imagination who exclude men who might otherwise be devoted to the practice.

Mark Furstenberg, Washington


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Yoga instructor Adrian Hummell teaches Bikram Yoga classes in Bethesda, Maryland. (Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post)

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