Resources for mental health care

“How to find mental health help” [Aug. 19] noted that those who are credentialed as a licensed mental health counselor or professional clinical counselor have a “two-year degree and 3,000 hours of supervised training.” A two-year degree is often associated with an associate’s degree.

It is important to be accurate. Both the social worker credential and counselors credential for licensed professionals require a two-year master’s degree and lengthy supervised internships. Licensed counselors may also possess doctoral credentials as well as marriage, family and substance abuse designations.

Carol Cober, Rockville

Your story omitted a class of mental health professionals from the list of possible sources of help. Psychiatric mental health nurses are licensed professionals, who, with a master’s degree and training in psychotherapy, can be certified by the state as nurse psychotherapists and receive third-party reimbursement. Failure to include us in your list narrows the range of choices for those seeking a therapeutic relationship.

Sara Torvik, Rockville