Let’s talk about the icky stuff
“Max Archer, Kid Detective: The Case of the Recurring Stomachaches,” by Howard J. Bennett

Last year, Max Archer cracked “The Case of the Wet Bed.” Now he’s back to help solve another mystery. In this new children’s book by Howard J. Bennett, a Washington area pediatrician (who writes for KidsPost), the pint-size private eye is called to action when his friend Emily confides, “I get stomachaches a lot, and sometimes I pass gas.” Max asks Emily to keep track of her poops, then examines the usual suspects: lactose intolerance, constipation and stress. The book handles clinical information with a dose of humor, and includes related activities and a Q&A. Bennett doesn’t shy away from talking about “farts, poop and other icky stuff,” topics that some kids — and plenty of adults — just aren’t comfortable talking about. It’s not hard to imagine parents using the kid detective’s tips to explain their own recurring stomachaches.

Fitness APPs
Facebook friends can cheer you on
Nike+ Running App now on Android

Runners, grab your smartphones. The popular fitness app Nike+, long available on Apple’s iOS devices, is now available for Android users, too. Nike+ uses GPS technology to track distance, pace and time, and provides run summaries. Like a running buddy, coach and cheerleader rolled into one, the app also challenges users to beat their personal bests, provides in-run audio feedback at each mile and shares workouts on social networks. For extra motivation, Nike+ will stream “cheers” from your Facebook friends in addition to music.

Maggie Fazeli Fard