Nurses take center stage in a new coffee-table book by photographer Carolyn Jones. (TWP scan)
‘Warriors’ of American nursing get their due in portraits and interviews
“The American Nurse,” by Carolyn Jones

Nurses take center stage in a new coffee-table book by photographer Carolyn Jones, who aims to shed new light on the profession. “The American Nurse” includes portraits, interviews and biographies of 75 men and women from across the country, including four from Washington. Alongside black-and-white photographs, Jones captures the personal stories of nurses in New York, rural eastern Kentucky, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Baltimore, Louisiana, San Francisco, Chicago, San Diego, Nebraska and the District. Through their stories, the book explores such issues as end-of-life and neonatal care, cutting-edge medical treatments and the special needs of war veterans, coal miners and Native Americans. “I expected warriors out there, and in a way that’s what I found — just not the way I expected,” Jones said. “Nurses do fight to care for us, in spite of ourselves, in spite of the obstacles in their way. And they fix us, and when they can no longer fix us, they make sure that we are comfortable and that our time leaving this earth is as rich as it is entering.”

Holiday weight gain
Workout DVDs provide counterweights for the overeating season

For many people, the holiday season begins this week with Halloween and ends with a multi-pound weight gain by the new year. If you’re looking for a way to offset some of those calories, a slew of new exercise DVDs is here to help. “Dance Off the Inches: Latin Cardio Party” includes three routines based on samba, raggaeton and cumbia dance forms. The 10 Minute Solution series has two new releases: “Tighten & Tone Pilates” and “Cardio Hip Hop.” Each includes five 10-minute workouts that can be done individually or combined to create custom workouts. The Element series also has two new DVDs on the market: “Accelerated Pilates with a Resistance Band,” a 30-minute sculpting routine that comes with a free resistance band, and “Yoga for Energy & Relaxation,” which comes with two yoga programs that will at least help take your mind off that stash of Snickers bars.

Maggie Fazeli Fard