Tanishq Abraham studies particle physics and antimatter. (YouTube/YouTube)
Short documentaries feature youths eager to make their dreams come true
“Prodigies,” THNKR

Meet Tanishq Abraham. A student at American River College in Sacramento, Abraham spends his days contemplating particle physics and antimatter. He searches the sky for supernovae. He dreams of designing a rocket that can go faster than the speed of light. Oh — and he’s only 9 years old.

Tanishq is just one of the wunderkinds featured in “Prodigies,” a documentary series produced by Radical Media’s THNKR channel. Short documentaries on Abraham and other young prodigies — including a 15-year-old inventor from Sierra Leone and a 14-year-old computer programmer — began airing on THNKR’s YouTube channel last summer. The series has garnered millions of views and earned the International Academy of Web Television’s award for best documentary series.

The series is now in production to reach a wider, television audience and has the backing of actor Jim Parsons, who plays genius Sheldon Cooper on “The Big Bang Theory.” “ ‘Prodigies’ reveals something about the human spirit with such joy and insight, which is why it achieved such a passionate following on the Internet,” said Parsons in a statement. “I think there are many more people out there that will find this irresistible, like I do.”

Maggie Fazeli Fard