The poll also finds that interest in exercise can prolong life. (Lucas Jackson/Reuters)

Every month, Vanity Fair magazine does a poll in conjunction with CBS’s “60 Minutes.” This month’s subject is fitness, or, rather, how we feel about fitness. How would Americans feel about a fat president? Good news for some politicians (and yes, VF admits having a certain politician in mind): 64 percent of respondents said weight “has nothing to do with getting the job done.” Could we be attracted to someone who is out of shape? More good news for the less-than-svelte: 74 percent said yes.

Would we exercise more in order to live longer? Supposedly, yes: 65 percent of respondents said they would rather exercise and live to be 90 than not exercise and shuffle off this mortal coil at 80. Thirty-three percent favored doing the opposite. But do we put our muscles where our mouths are? Maybe not: Asked if they work out while on vacation, 44 percent said they never do, and 23 percent said they intend to but usually don’t.

The 10-question poll is detailed in Vanity Fair’s June issue, and it is posted online at both and Interestingly, Vanity Fair, a magazine heavily into popular culture and youthful fashion, leaves out an 11th question that the venerable “60 minutes” includes — and, in fact, refers to as this month’s “water cooler” debate: Is having sex a workout? Fifty-three percent say yes, the TV team reports. “Like a lot of enjoyable activities,” it comments, “the net benefit usually depends on the amount of energy that is expended in the effort.”