Surgery and safety

Say it isn’t so! “Wrong operation, doctor” [June 21] says “officials estimate that wrong-site surgery occurs 40 times a WEEK in U.S. hospitals and clinics.” Can that possibly be true? 

Jan Shea, Washington

I had the ulnar nerve in my left elbow moved in 1993 because it was impinged. They wrote “Not this arm” on my right arm. I laughed at the time, but . . .

Ed Law, New Market, Md.

Mow or no

I enjoyed “Lawns can be an eco-friendly green” [June 21]. I couldn’t agree more.

The Amicus Green Building Center in Kensington, where I’m a landscape specialist, is carrying a product called Eco-
Lawn, a mix of seven grass seeds that is deeper-rooted and designed to thrive in a variety of soils and light conditions, as well as being drought-tolerant once established. In addition, mowing is optional; you can do it once a month or not at all.

Toni Bailey, Rockville