Cats may be the world’s most popular pet, but they don’t have owners. (Timothy J. Gonzalez/Associated Press)
Of yoga and men

I am one of those male exceptions who practice yoga [“If yoga is so good for you, why don’t more men do it?,” Oct. 22]. For the past year, I have been practicing Bikram yoga after a lapse of almost 30 years, and I have fewer aches and pains and am much more focused mentally. I think men in the U.S. typically do not get into yoga because it is not a quick “six pack” or muscle-building outcome, nor can it be accelerated. Yoga is also not so conducive to “powering through” for men and will likely result in injury if attempted.

Like other forms of exercise, yoga needs more marketing from male athletes if it is to be promoted to men.

Ganesh Rao, Kildeer, Ill.

The secret lives of cats

Please thank John Bradshaw for his fantastic article “Cats: They’re just not that into us” [Oct. 15]. I’ve had cats all my life and found every word to be true. Perhaps he’s heard that “Dogs have owners. Cats have staff” (source unknown).

Laura Penny, Rockville

Mammogram advice

If I had followed Christie Aschwanden’s advice in “My doctor told me to get a routine mammogram. Here’s why I won’t” [Oct. 8], I wouldn’t be here to write this. I was diagnosed in November 2008 with HER2+ breast cancer. I am diligent about my monthly self-exams. However, I couldn’t feel a lump because the tumor was in the center of my breast. At the time, I didn’t know there was a family history. If it wasn’t for my mammogram in October of that year, . . . well, I don’t want to think about that. Ms. Aschwanden should hug her mammographer, not just every two or three years, but every year.

Donna Powell, Alexandria