A question of support

Regarding “Athletic women put mark on design of sports bras” [Aug. 16], it would be worth doing a similar article — and this is not a joke — on men’s athletic supporters. The technology hasn’t improved since they were invented, I bet. I am very athletic, and yet because of the chafing, lack of adequate support, discomfort, etc., I just use jockey underwear. Perhaps an article on the lack of improvements in this equipment would encourage suppliers to make the kind of improvements that have been made in sports bras.

Adam Wenner, Bethesda

Garlic vs. mosquitoes

I have a question regarding “Humans are still seeking weapons to fend off nature’s heat-seeking missiles” [Aug. 16]: Is there validity that garlic in the human system acts as a deterrent to mosquitoes? I’m of German/Dutch heritage, with light skin and light brown hair, as is my ex-wife. I consume a lot of garlic and seldom am bothered by mosquitoes. She, on the other hand, never touches garlic and becomes a magnet for the critters. She cannot sit outside after 4 p.m. If garlic is useless, I’ve given a lot of folks bad advice.

David Cole, Arnold

Assisted living for men

Regarding the article about male-friendly assisted living facilities, “Making room for Daddy” [Aug. 2], I believe you need something available to men that is a cross between an officer’s club and Henry Higgins’s study/living room. A swimming pool and sauna would be nice. You don’t see those very often in assisted living.

Ron Ainsworth, Elgin, Ill.