Is everybody happy?

The age at which happiness is at its lowest is different around the world. In Britain, for example, happiness reaches rock bottom quite early — at 35.8 years of age — before it starts going up again. In Portugal, happiness hits its ultimate low much later — at 66.1 years of age. Below is a list of some countries and the age at which happiness hits its lowest point, based on a survey of half a million people in 72 countries by behavioral economist Andrew Oswald:

Country           Age

Portugal           66.1

Italy             64.2

Greece             53.4

Denmark 50.1

Spain 50.1

Finland 49.9

Sweden 49.6

France 49.5

Netherlands 46.9

Belgium 46.4

United States 44.5

Germany 42.9

Ireland 38.4

Britain 35.8

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