In her weekly podcast, registered dietitian Monica Reinagel cuts through fake nutrition news. (Courtesy of Monica Reinagel)

Postbiotics. Seitan. Lectins.

When it comes to choosing what to eat, picking through the vast variety of dietary options can feel like wading through word soup. Which nutrients are essential? Is that new diet a health breakthrough or just a fad?

The Nutrition Diva is here to help.

That’s the moniker of registered dietitian Monica Reinagel. She’s a licensed nutritionist and a commentator specializing in separating fact from fiction. Her weekly podcast cuts through fake nutrition news, tackling the latest Internet trends as well as evergreen questions about food and the body.

Take the cracker test, which pops up every few years online. The test, which supposedly shows how many carbohydrates your body can tolerate, calls for leaving a chewed saltine cracker in your mouth and timing how long it takes for it to taste sweet on your tongue. In a recent podcast episode, Reinagel breaks down the supposed science behind the test — it involves a digestive enzyme, evolution and human DNA — and concludes that it’s bunk.

Reinagel is approachable and authoritative, and she digs into common myths and health trends without shaming or confusing jargon. Her mission is to help people make more-informed choices about their food. Best of all, her podcasts are bite-size — just 10 minutes apiece. Tune in on iTunes or SoundCloud, or check out transcripts of each podcast at