White House counselor John Podesta arguably has had some of the most intense jobs in Washington. Serving as chief of staff during President Bill Clinton’s second term was a particularly stressful time, he says in an interview in the May issue of Runner’s World — and it was then that he “started running with a vengeance . . . I had to melt the stress off.”

He and Clinton “had a very honest relationship. . . He’d yell at me. I’d yell at him. But the stress is incredible. You’re always on edge.”

After a tough morning on “Meet the Press” with Tim Russert, Podesta says, “I’d come home, throw my shirt off, and go outside and run and forget about whether I said something good or something bad. I just had to get rid of it.”

Podesta took up running in his late 30s and ran his first marathon at 52. Now, at 65, he averages “a half-dozen races a year, mostly 10-K, 10-mile or half-marathon.” In an online video accompanying the article, Podesta explains the appeal of the sport.

“I’m a man of simple pleasures. I like playing cards. I like watching old cop shows on TV. I like cooking and I like running,” Podesta says as he prepares a no-frills pre-race Italian meal — pasta with a walnut sauce, a simple marinara — to serve to his running group, the Progressive Ninjas.

White House counselor John Podesta can suggest some good places for President Obama to run. (Saul Loeb/Agence France-Presse via Getty Images)

Podesta says President Obama, who is said to exercise on a treadmill, ought to “overrule the Secret Service and find a place to run outside.”

Podesta enjoys running along the Mall and in Rock Creek Park, where, he says, he received his most valuable running tip, from a stranger: “Keep your head up, you’ll run faster.”