Training yourself to eat well
Arrive magazine, May/June issue

First lady Michelle Obama graces the cover of the health and wellness issue of Amtrak’s Arrive magazine and provides an essay about her Let’s Move! initiative to end childhood obesity. “When it comes to our children’s health and well-being, I think we should be ambitious,” she writes. Other Washingtonians are featured prominently in the issue, too, including Francis S. Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, who writes about the lifestyle changes he made when he found out that he was at risk for diabetes. Another article profiles social entrepreneurs who are “making careers out of doing good in the world of food,” focusing on the leaders of local charities D.C. Central Kitchen (founder Robert Egger and CEO Michael Curtin Jr.) and Through the Kitchen Door (Daniel Nachtigal).

The pitfalls of heading out on summer break
Prevention magazine, June issue

If traffic and packing weren’t enough to stress about before going on vacation, Prevention magazine has come up with dozens of its own “vacation perils and pitfalls” and ways to avoid them. Leaving on a jet plane? Watch out for blood clots, colds and the 60 percent of airplane food trays that carry antibiotic-resistant bacteria, according to the article. The magazine suggests bringing along an alcohol-based hand sanitizer and pointing the air streaming out of the overhead vent slightly in front of your face so that “if someone sneezes, those 30,000 airborne droplets are less likely to rain down on top of you.” Sleep deprivation, food poisoning, weight gain, bedbugs, sunburn and “unexpected mishaps” in the bedroom are also addressed.

Rachel Saslow