Obama administration still searching for NSA leaker

For the first 12 days, the Obama administration’s efforts to extradite government leaker Edward Snowden from Hong Kong was a by-the-book legal affair — overseen by the Justice Department and involving few, if any, diplomatic overtures, according to senior White House officials. The approach has been a political and public relations debacle.


Fairfax County is building

a cemetery for the poor

Fairfax County had for years been searching for the right place to bury the poor. Then, last summer, the county purchased a grassy lot, initially slated for townhouses, less than a mile from Landmark Mall. The cemetery, put together with a half-million-dollar budget, is to open this year.


U.S. executive held captive by his employees in China

Charles Starnes, a co-owner of Coral Gables, Fla.-based Specialty Medical Supplies, arrived at his Beijing factory last week to lay off 30 people and move the plastics division to Mumbai and instead was taken prisoner by his employees, who demanded compensation.


Alex Len has journeyed far to chase his NBA dreams

The teenage boy climbed from the car and waved goodbye as his mother and grandfather drove away in tears. He was 13 years old when he began living alone in the big city, six hours from home in a Ukrainian coal-mining town. But he told himself that, someday soon, he would move back home. “I didn’t know I was never going back,” Alex Len says today.