Hundreds of thousands of visitors and residents will be traveling and standing shoulder-to-shoulder throughout the region on Inauguration Day. Here are some tips from city and federal officials to keep you safe.

Don’t carry big cash. Leave most cash and valuables at home or hide it in a locked car.

Pack a photocopy of your airline tickets, passport, credit cards and any other documents that would be a hassle to replace. Scan and email the information to yourself or have a picture of it on your camera or phone.

Do not carry your wallet in your purse. Keep it in a buttoned or zippered pocket where its outline won’t be visible.

Use a purse with a zipper or snaps that is difficult to open.

Wear your bag or purse with straps across your body to keep it in front of you, and hold handbags close to the front of your body.

• Keep your phone safely in a pocket, especially on public transportation. If your phone is stolen, call your service carrier and ask to have the phone remotely disabled.

• Young children, disabled and elderly people should carry an information card that includes their name, address, date of birth, parent or guardian name and phone numbers, and medical information.

In case of emergency or evacuation, don’t panic. Follow police instructions. Call 911 or the U.S. Park Police at (202) 610-7500.

• Sign up for alerts from Park Police on missing persons, road closures, serious crimes, emergencies and more by texting INAUGURATION to 888777.

What are your best tips for staying safe during big events in D.C.? Tell us in the comments below.