Only people who test positive are counted.

In their private communications, scientists at academic, hospital and public health labs expressed alarm at the Trump administration’s failure to move quickly and at bureaucratic demands that delayed testing.

The creation of a high-speed machine to make N95 masks in a pandemic and a reusable-masks project were aimed at alleviating shortages.

Life Care Center of Kirkland, which has been tied to 40 covid-19 deaths, failed to report a respiratory outbreak to local health officials for two weeks, inspectors said.

At a time when many law enforcement officials across the country have reduced arrests, police are conducting business as usual in New Orleans and some other cities.

Frustrated by the federal government’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak, state and local officials took steps on their own to protect their communities.

The NRA’s annual meeting and other programs expected to raise revenue have been canceled because of the pandemic, according to memo to employees.

A preliminary report said Life Care Center of Kirkland put patients in “immediate jeopardy” at the facility associated with 37 deaths from covid-19, the illness caused by the virus.

In the crucial days after the D.C.-area event in late February, public health officials decided to monitor only an infected man’s family members, leaving conference organizers to take it upon themselves to identify and notify close to 100 attendees — including members of Congress — with whom he had particularly close contact.

Visitors entered and a party with residents ‘wheelchair to wheelchair’ took place, before visits were barred, families say.

The four facilities were funded years ago to rapidly develop vaccines and lifesaving medicines.

Sick people across the country say they have been denied testing, even when a doctor says they need it.

Health officials say they focused scarce resources on lifesaving drugs instead of protective gear for medical personnel.

Massachusetts General Hospital offers a view of the pitched ground battle against the virus.

A new voting system in Los Angeles County faced its first big test on Super Tuesday, the culmination of a decade of work on what was envisioned as a model for the nation.

The publicly owned voting system, part of a bold experiment to remake how Americans cast ballots, faces its first major test on Super Tuesday.

People in and outside the White House have warned for years that the nation is ill-prepared for a dangerous pandemic.

Grenell made his voice heard globally in years before becoming acting intelligence director.

Stephen Schwartz expressed those views in columns in a Yale newspaper and more recently has worked as a lawyer in controversial battles over the voting rights of African Americans in North Carolina and bathroom rights of transgender students in Virginia.

Crystal Munoz, Tynice Hall and Judith Negron, whose sentences were commuted Tuesday, all served prison time with Johnson, who advocated for their release.

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