The attorney says mistakes by departments have helped him win back jobs for 22 officers.

The alleged incidents took place with employees, interns and job applicants at the “Charlie Rose” show.

Brett Talley, a political speechwriter and horror author, has never tried a case in court.

The judge says a law backed by major drug companies curbs the DEA’s enforcement powers.

One woman said that just before or after her 18th birthday she and Moore, then 30, went on a date that ended with him giving her what she called a “forceful” kiss that left her scared.

As blackout continues, U.S. territory is continuing to pay millions to a tiny Montana firm.

Alabama resident Leigh Corfman said that in 1979, when Moore was an assistant district attorney, he brought her to his home and touched her sexually. Three other women said that Moore – now a candidate for U.S. Senate -- pursued them when they were teenagers and he was in his early 30s.

Crooked Navy contractor visited Annapolis and Pearl Harbor as VIP despite investigations.

Proposal would bar former DEA, FDA officials from providing lobbying advice to firms for two years.

Officials say the FEMA trailers that were heavily criticized after Hurricane Katrina will be a last resort, despite urgent need.

The federal emergency agency said it is looking into whether proper procedures were followed in the $300 million contract to the small and untested Montana firm.

Puerto Rico’s financial oversight board is moving to install an emergency manager amid growing criticism of a $300 million contract the utility awarded to Whitefish for work on the crippled electrical grid.

If it had been reported, the Republican U.S. Senate candidate would have owed more than $100,000 in federal income taxes, tax specialists said. 

Companies that paid the GOP gubernatorial nominee’s consulting and lobbying firms more than $3 million contract directly with the state and lobby in Richmond.

10 Army officials trained to prevent sexual assault are accused of committing it.

Ralph Northam’s stock portfolio raises questions about whether his holdings might influence him if he were elected governor.

The new law undermined the DEA’s efforts to stanch the flow of pain pills as the opioid crisis worsened.

At the DEA, Rannizzisi promoted tough enforcement until Congress and the industry pushed back.

The Pennsylvania congressman from an opioid-ravaged district is a big defender of drug companies.

Despite requests, two-thirds of U.S. counties still haven’t set up a system for wireless alerts.

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