Similar hoaxes in several states have drawn the same type of reaction.

The CDC sidelined an effective Zika test in favor of a more complex one that often failed.

Thousands of deaths may have resulted from people’s fears of seeking care in hospital overwhelmed by the pandemic, experts say.

In states like Oklahoma, with 38 Native American tribes, the deluge of pain pills rivaled hard-hit Appalachia.

Two military helicopters roared over demonstrators in the District, producing winds equivalent to a tropical storm. A Washington Post analysis found how low they flew.

Alleged use of the software comes three days after its maker, NSO, promised to prevent abuse of its technology.

Scientists saw problems during manufacturing, but CDC still shipped kits to state and local labs

A classic ‘not in my backyard’ fight has erupted in the Pacific Northwest over a recovery center for an area hit hard by addiction and overdose deaths.

Emergent BioSolutions is the only maker of multiple drugs the government deems crucial for the Strategic National Stockpile, and the government is the company’s primary customer, accounting for most of its revenue.

In at least 19 cases in the past few weeks, witnesses or police say civilian vehicles were driven through crowds of protesters after the death of George Floyd.

The Washington Post reconstructed who did what to clear protestors from the streets outside the White House on June 1. Watch how it unfolded.

The inconsistent data leads to likely undercounts of the pandemic’s toll.

These deaths of black Americans since 2014 have led to heightened scrutiny of police and questions about institutional racism.

The Post has documented 5,400 fatal shootings by police since the start of 2015.

An examination of excess deaths in every state suggests the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic was far more deadly than government tallies of covid-19 deaths indicate.

The Washington Post reconstructed the events immediately preceding the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis using security footage, emergency services recordings and cellphone videos.

Stores generally are not required to publicly disclose cases of coronavirus involving employees or report them to the local health departments.

Store officials say the health and safety of employees and the public are priorities.

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As the coronavirus spread, inspectors found that staffers in some Life Care homes failed to wash hands, wear masks and isolate patients.

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