The Cabinet secretary reportedly took at least two dozen flights at a cost to taxpayers of $300,000.

The story of Awan and four other Pakistani-born computer technicians is a lightning rod charged by the convergence of politics, cybersecurity and fears of foreign intrusion.

“Repeatedly, I was told that our case was being escalated to the highest level,” an executive said.

Trump senior adviser seeks ways to improve mentoring and job training in U.S. penal system.

Tax-exempt groups lobbied and spent millions fighting climate science and environmental regulation.

Jared Kushner moved the “contingent right” into his mother’s trust after his sister pitched the real estate project to Chinese investors.

Confusion and conflicting information set the stage for what became one of the most violent white nationalist rallies in decades.

The 20-year-old Ohio man charged with driving into a crowd of activists in Charlottesville, allegedly threatened or assaulted his disabled mother so violently as a young teenager that she twice called...

IGE used low-wage Chinese workers to amass virtual goods, then sold those goods to wealthier gamers for real cash. Company employees posed as random U.S. residents and took other steps to shield their role in these transactions, according to interviews and internal company documents.

Departments have had to take back hundreds of officers over the past decade after appeals required by union contracts.

The U.S. warning about Kaspersky leaves officials in the dark about possible risks.  

The British-born publicist is in the spotlight as a facilitator of a controversial meeting at Trump Tower.

Jane Sanders championed the costly relocation of Burlington College. Its closure in financial distress could spawn a criminal case that damages her husband politically. 

Burlington College report describes ‘firm commitment’ of $1 million, money that never materialized

  • Jul 10
  • ·

Two Vermont finance board members voted against the Burlington College plan

  • Jul 10
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Four employees accused the ex-coach of touching them inappropriately. In the end, no charges were filed.

After years of government and pharmaceutical firms failing to control the problem, some lawyers say the suits have the potential to force the industry to curb practices that contribute to it.

Fewer unarmed people have been killed in 2017, but fatal shootings are on track for 1,000.

Sekulow, the most visible member of the legal team defending Trump in the investigation into Russian meddling in the U.S. presidential election, is poised to capitalize on his new role in ways that are not obvious to the public.

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