Crystal Munoz, Tynice Hall and Judith Negron, whose sentences were commuted Tuesday, all served prison time with Johnson, who advocated for their release.

He also supported leniency for its founder after the Vatican punished him for sexual wrongdoing, internal church documents show.

Under the current administration, the Office of the Pardon Attorney has become a bureaucratic way station, data and interviews show.

The move comes amid ongoing turmoil within the gun organization.

The Post has reported extensively on the opioid crisis' key figures: manufacturers, distributors, pharmacies, doctors and the DEA itself.

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Since 2015, The Post has created a database cataloging every fatal shooting nationwide by a police officer in the line of duty.

His engagement with congressional candidate Robert Hyde “has no credibility,” the man said in a statement.

After a lifetime of shared aims, the decision by one Nielsen twin to go public with their confidential complaint has opened a rift so deep that they stopped speaking.

Robert F. Hyde is also a candidate in Connecticut for a congressional seat.

Lawmakers from both parties praise The Post’s exposé, The Afghanistan Papers.

New DEA data reveals that 24 billion additional pills than previously known to the public were distributed during the opioid epidemic.

Nawres Hamid was killed late last month when authorities say an Iranian-backed militia fired rockets at a base near Kirkuk, Iraq.

Michael J. Bransfield had exacting tastes: steam shower, sunken bar, wine cellar, Persian rugs.

Congress and others want the supply restricted to curb abuse, but former DEA officials say it cannot be done without hurting legitimate pain patients.

Theodore McCarrick, who was defrocked this year, sent the checks as the Vatican failed to act over two decades on claims he had sexually harassed young men.

An exclusive analysis of county-level data shows the predominant cause of opioid overdose deaths shifted between pills, heroin and fentanyl as the epidemic got worse.

For months, civil authorities and Catholic parishioners have sought access to the findings of a church investigation about Michael Bransfield, the West Virginia bishop oustedfor alleged sexual and financial misconduct.

Five people described turning points in their lives — the moments that led them down a trail of dependency and addiction.

The Post spoke with families and friends of more than 70 victims that span the opioid epidemic. Here are some of their stories.

Over the past decade, entrepreneur Joseph Mercola has contributed more than $2.9 million to the National Vaccine Information Center, accounting for about 40 percent of the organization’s funding, according to the most recent available tax records.

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