Two firms led by Virginia business executive Michele Roosevelt Edwards promoted outlandish claims that an Italian defense contractor conspired with CIA officials to switch votes from Trump to Biden using satellite technology.

Barrett’s ascendancy to the Supreme Court has spurred victims to speak out and forced People of Praise to hire lawyers to investigate.

Police revert to entrenched practices when monitors move on, leadership changes and public scrutiny wanes.

Un análisis de la evidencia en video de cuatro casos de muertes de manifestantes revela hasta qué punto la policía parece haber excedido el uso adecuado de la fuerza.

The obscure Investigations and Threat Management Service (ITMS) used tactics, including broad keyword searches on employee emails and scouring Americans’ social media for criticism of the census, to gather information on hundreds of people inside and outside the department, documents and interviews show.

An analysis of video evidence in four cases of protester deaths shows the extent to which police appear to have overstepped their rules of engagement.

Five Oklahoma City police officers who fired lethal shots into 15-year-old Stavian Rodríguez on Nov. 23, 2020, face first-degree manslaughter charges.

Russell J. Ramsland Jr. has sold everything from Tex-Mex food to a light-therapy technology. Starting two years ago, he helped sell the notion that votes in U.S. elections were being manipulated.

How civilian oversight is undermined by politicians and police. And how economic inequality has worsened the pandemic in Venezuela.

The Post has reported extensively on the opioid crisis' key figures: manufacturers, distributors, pharmacies, doctors and the DEA itself.

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Civilian oversight is undermined by politicians and police, who say citizens are ill-equipped to judge officers.

The chief of Emergent BioSolutions made sales of stock options weeks before the company’s share price tumbled.

True Texas Project, which helped propel Cruz into office in 2012, has a fraught relationship with others in the Republican political establishment.

A reconstruction shows how failures of planning and preparation left police at the Capitol severely disadvantaged on Jan. 6.

For two decades, presidents and military leaders struggled to define the endgame as they changed the mission and prolonged the war

Data shows a surge in homegrown attacks not seen in a quarter-century.

Contamination of doses at the facility will not impede President Biden’s goal of having enough shots for every U.S. adult by the end of May, officials said.

A former lobbyist said Reed rubbed her back and unhooked her bra during a gathering at a Minneapolis pub in 2017. She was 25 years old at the time and on her first networking trip. He was 45.

Surveillance video obtained by The Washington Post shows the suspect, Robert Aaron Long, enter Young’s Asian Massage — the first destination in a shooting spree that left eight people dead, most of them Asian women — more than an hour before shooting was reported.

Nicolette Davis, now a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army, told The Washington Post the congressman rubbed her back and unhooked her bra during a gathering at a Minneapolis pub when she was a junior lobbyist in 2017. Reed says her account is “not accurate.”

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