The lengths to which the former GOP fundraiser would go to impress Trump — and to advance his Ukraine agenda as ambassador to the E.U. — are a likely focus of his scheduled testimony in the House this week.

A subpoena delivered to church officials this week seeks any abuse complaints against Bransfield as well as documents related to a 2012 pilgrimage to the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in D.C.

The health-care giant would pay two Ohio counties $10 million, reimburse $5 million in legal fees and direct $5.4 million to nonprofits for opioid-related programs in those communities.

We have received hundreds of messages from local journalists, educators, researchers, federal and local government workers, health-care professionals, volunteers, advocates and citizens interested in diving into the pain pills database.

The Post has reported extensively on the opioid crisis' key figures: manufacturers, distributors, pharmacies, doctors and the DEA itself.

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Faced with pressure to curtail suspicious opioid shipments, the drug industry fought back with every weapon at its disposal.

The companies and the industry alliance noted that the DEA approved the bill’s final language and that Congress passed the bill without dissent.

The Catholic cleric spent millions of dollars of his diocese’s money on sumptuous living during his 13 years in largely impoverished West Virginia.

She received funds totaling more than $250,000 from 1995 to 2016, at a rate as low as 2 percent, from the organization’s Florida affiliate, leading to more questions about economic benefits flowing to its leadership.

A federal judge had dismissed the lawsuit in June, calling it a “political statement.”

Vulnerabilities that allowed vast quantities of the drug into the United States went unaddressed for years as tens of thousands of Americans died from overdoses.

Look up data on nearly 83,000 pharmacies at the front lines of the opioid crisis.

An analysis reveals the pharmacies that ordered the most hydrocodone and oxycodone as the epidemic raged across the nation.

Opioid victims lament destroyed lives after a previously unreleased database reveals how many drugs flooded their towns

Data tracing 76 billion pills was released Monday showing what pharmaceutical companies knew in real time about soaring U.S. opioid use.

The mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio, come as the gun rights group has been engulfed in upheaval and allegations of reckless spending.

“It’s wholly inadequate, just so weak,” said the mother of a child who died in 2017.

The congressman’s claims about his role and the size of the roundup conflict with the court record and the recollections of others who participated in the operation.

Though Purdue Pharma has long borne the brunt of criticism for its role in the crisis, newly unsealed court records thrust a spotlight on a handful of obscure drug manufacturers that by 2006 — as the death rate was still accelerating — were selling the bulk of opioid pills flooding the country.

A cache of previously undisclosed documents and other records reveal officials from some of the nation’s largest drug manufacturers and distributors failed to heed warnings as pain pills flooded the country.

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