The acting attorney general worked for the group for three years.

Whitaker stands in vivid contrast to his predecessors, whose résumés typically boast judgeships, partnerships at prestigious firms and senior roles in the Justice Department.

A program targets young men with cash incentives to end gang-related violence.

The messages released by a lawyer for Gillum’s longtime friend appear to contradict the candidate’s previous statements.

Brock Bierman was the third leader in five months at the Millennium Challenge Corporation, a small foreign assistance agency.

11 of the 15 Saudi men Turkish officials say played a role in Khashoggi’s disappearance have links to Saudi security services, according to their posts on social media, emails, previous reports in local media and other material reviewed by The Post.

Though Senate Republicans said the report was helpful, legal experts from both political parties and advocates for victims of sexual assault questioned how Rachel Mitchell could reach such a conclusion without a fuller investigation.

The old posts, on hate crimes and the n-word, caused upheaval at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Eric Blankenstein, a political appointee, said his online writings under a pen name years ago have “zero” relevance to his current job at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Some took issue with the Supreme Court nominee’s description of his younger self, saying they knew him as a heavy drinker.

Officials said they hope to bring detective workloads in line with policing recommendations.

Judge, named as the only witness to an alleged sexual assault decades ago by Brett Kavanaugh, left town because he was “being hounded,” his lawyer said.

Defense secretary’s senior aide is cleared after three-year federal investigation.

As bishop in the Pittsburgh Diocese, Wuerl put problem priests on leave, allowing some to move away and molest again.

Christine Blasey Ford alleges that Kavanaugh attacked her more than three decades ago when they were each in high school, an allegation Kavanaugh has flatly denied.

Rep. Ron DeSantis spoke four times at conferences organized by a conservative activist who has said the country’s “only serious race war” is against whites.

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum says he’s not a focus of the investigation, but his interactions with undercover FBI agents posing as developers are sure to provide fuel for a multimillion dollar ad campaign against him.

No Supreme Court justice in recent memory has worked as intently as Kavanaugh at the highest levels of the nation’s political machinery. His years as President George W. Bush’s staff secretary were the culmination of a political and legal apprenticeship that lasted more than a decade.

Documents state political commentator Paris Dennard admitted to touching a female employee’s “neck with his tongue” and telling her he wanted to have sex with her.

At age 30, the Supreme Court nominee argued that his boss should expand his probe of the Clintons’ finances to delve into Foster’s death.

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