new year’s resolutions
Live better, lose weight

American women who pick up one of January’s self-help magazines will be assaulted with advice for living better and losing weight in 2011. Self suggests “62 Ways to Feel Better Fast,” including learning a new skill, surfing and deep-cleaning one’s pores. Real Simple’s “2011 Get-It-Together Handbook” is divided into sections such as “Fitness Made Easier” and “Health Made Easier.” (The editors even found ways to make hair, makeup and pants easier.)

Real Simple encourages readers to “weave a few of these smart, science-supported habits into your routine,” including seeing an eye doctor, getting one’s thyroid checked and walking six miles each week. The cover of O, Oprah’s magazine, says “Hello, 2011!” and promises “50 Ideas to Make It Your Best Year Yet.” Heart surgeon and television personality Mehmet Oz offers some memorable tips, including “sweat to commercials”: Instead of snacking, couch potatoes should stand up and sit down as many times as possible during TV commercial breaks. He also recommends dropping a pound a month this year, leaving shoes at the door so as not to track in pollutants and having sex one or two times a week.

One of the most creative new year’s features is O’s roundup of celebrity chefs’ resolutions. Anthony Bourdain vows to learn to make pasta from scratch, Paula Deen hopes to stop eating gummy bear vitamins as candy, and Bobby Flay is going to try to eat only three-quarters of the portions served to him in restaurants.

— Rachel Saslow