Witnesses testify in fatal dog attack

A witness told a judge during a preliminary hearing for the owners of two dogs that fatally mauled a jogger that he had to shoot at the animals to make them flee.

Edward Elmer testified Friday in Lapeer District Court that he was mowing his lawn July 23 when the two cane corsos attacked Craig Sytsma, the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press reported. Elmer said he yelled to his girlfriend to get a gun. The two dogs ran off only after he shot at one of them, Elmer said.

Sytsma, 46, later died at a hospital. Sebastiano Quagliata, 45, and his wife, Valbona Lucaj, 44, are charged with second-degree murder in Sytsma’s death.

— Associated Press

Girl, 9, dies when sand hole collapses

A 9-year-old girl who was digging in a large hole on an Oregon beach suffocated after the sand caved in on her and other beachgoers were unable to dig her out in time, police said Saturday.

Isabel Grace Franks was playing Friday evening on the beach in Lincoln City, about 80 miles southwest of Portland, when she was buried in a hole between 2 and 4 feet deep, Lincoln City police said.

The girl was under the sand for five to seven minutes before she was pulled out, police said. She was taken to a hospital in Lincoln City, where she was pronounced dead, the police said in a statement.

— Reuters

State appeals ruling on teacher tenure

Gov. Jerry Brown appealed a court ruling that struck down tenure and other job protections for California’s teachers, setting himself apart from leaders in some other states who have fought to end such protections or raise the standards for obtaining them.

Attorney General Kamala Harris filed the appeal Friday in a Los Angeles County court on behalf of the governor and the state.

The move came a day after Superior Court Judge Rolf Treu finalized his June ruling that found that five laws violated the California Constitution by depriving some of the state’s 6.2 million students of a quality education.

— Associated Press

Border Patrol agent shoots at militia member: Omar Zamora, a spokesman for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency, told the Los Angeles Times on Saturday that a Border Patrol agent chasing several suspects through an area of thick brush near the Rio Grande on Friday came upon a militia member holding a firearm. The agent fired several times, and the militia member dropped his weapon, according to Zamora, who said no one was hurt. It was not clear whether the man, who was not identified, will face charges.

— From news services