Whenever a new Congress enters and the President takes the oath of office, a whiff of hope floats through the air — hope that lawmakers, this time, will successfully tackle the nation’s most difficult and important problems. But what should they go after and how should they do it?

In a special roundtable, we at Ideas@Innovations have collected four different contributions from individuals in different fields, asking them to provide their innovation prescription for either the President or the newly-sworn-in 113th Congress on an issue of their choice. In these pieces, they provide their perspective and vision for how lawmakers can best innovate to, in the next two, four or six years, tackle the nation’s problems or improve overall governance.

Whether you agree or disagree, feel free to share you ideas in the comments or with us on Twitter and Facebook. In the meantime, if you are enjoying the inauguration here in Washington, be sure to follow The Washington Post’s full coverage of the 57th Inauguration.

The Roundtable:

Shirley Ann Jackson | Invest in what is next

Christoper Altchek and Jake Horowitz | Meet millennials in new places

Ramez Naam | Fuel energy innovation with a carbon price tag

Peter Diamandis | Keep your eye on the prize

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