Ask Warren Buffett for a photo, he’ll ask for your hand in marriage.

It turns out the Oracle of Omaha has a signature move—and it involves popping the question to the many ladies who ask for a picture with him. And there are many.

The first time I saw Buffett propose was at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit last fall. His right knee touched down on the pink carpet as he posed for the camera in a mock proposal to the summit’s main organizer, reporter Pattie Sellers.

Then he kept doing it, over and over, in more and more photos, until the conference was over.

That’s a lot of squats for a man who turns 82 this month.

Warren Buffett gets down on one knee with Pattie Sellers at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit in Laguna, Calif. (Photo by Asa Mathat/Fortune MPW)

August 30th, in addition to being Buffett’s birthday, is also his wedding anniversary with current wife Astrid Menks. The pair married in 2006, though that hasn’t stopped Buffett from proposing to myriad women since. Ora Morison, a student at University of Western Ontario, snapped a photo with Buffett on a class trip to Nebraska and remembers looking down at him as he kneeled on the floor of Piccolo Pete’s restaurant.

“I asked if we could pose shaking hands, but Mr. Buffett said, ‘I’ll do even better than that!’”

In all the excitement of the proposals, it seems the women in Buffett’s photos always forget one thing. In an e-mail to me, Buffett’s assistant relayed the message from him that “so far his proposals have not brought any acceptances.”

Have a photo with Warren Buffett on one knee? E-mail us and we’ll include it in our photo gallery.

(Note: Berkshire Hathaway owns a substantial minority stake in The Washington Post Co., and Buffett is a former longtime member of the company’s board of directors.)

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