Authorities in Nassau County, N.Y. are investigating the reported stabbing of John “Junior” Gotti, the scion of a prominent mob family, outside a CVS on Long Island Sunday night.

Gotti claims he left organized crime in 1999, when he pleaded guilty to racketeering. Since he left prison, hung juries in four separate racketeering trials each failed to convict him of additional crimes.

After the fourth and most recent mistrial, the federal government announced that it would not try Gotti again.

According to the account in the New York Daily News, which originally reported on the incident, Gotti originally told hospital staff that he was stabbed while intervening in a fight between two others, but later refused to tell police what had happened. The paper, citing an anonymous source in law enforcement, reported that Gotti was transferred for treatment:

The stab wound was deemed serious enough that Gotti was transferred to North Shore University Hospital for treatment, the source said.

He was later released.

The law enforcement source was highly skeptical of Junior’s supposed heroics.

“It’s hard to believe he would break up a fight between two strangers,” the source said.

Gotti’s longtime lawyer, Charles Carnesi, said he hadn’t yet spoken to his client, but “I’ve been told he’s home and he’s OK.”

Carnesi said he wasn’t sure why his client had clammed up, because he had yet to connect with him.

“I have no frame of reference for answering that question,” Carnesi said.

New York Daily News

The New York Times confirmed that Gotti was not cooperating with investigators.