Santiago Pedroso will be tried for murder in the case of Delores Alvarez, shot to death in 1992, a Philadelphia judge ruled Wednesday. Alvarez was romantically involved with Pedroso’s wife. In a statement to the court, Pedroso, 71, did not deny that he shot Alvarez, but claimed that she had shot at him and that he was returning fire. After the shooting in a restaurant in Philadelphia, Pedroso fled, according to his attorney, Richard Giuliani:

Giuliani said that, after the shooting, Pedroso, a native of Cuba, left his wife and daughter behind and went to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City. He then flew to the Dominican Republic.

For years, law enforcement followed his trail through the Caribbean to Mexico and then through Asia to the Philippines, where he was taken into custody on Sept. 9. Authorities said they found Pedroso outside the U.S. Embassy in Manila, where he had applied for an emergency passport to leave the Philippines.

According to Giuliani, Alvarez had lived in the Philippines for years, had remarried and had three children.

The Philadelphia Inquirer

According to news reports, Pedroso is a spiritualist and an adherent of Santeria, the Caribbean religion, who previously owned a store that sold religious items.


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