Earth day movies
But will they serve popcorn?
“Do Something Reel” film festival

Whole Foods Market has been celebrating Earth Day with the “Do Something Reel” film festival. The grocery chain says the series features documentaries showing “how the choices we make can have a huge impact on our bodies, our economy and our environment.” Filmgoers can catch four of the six movies before the festival ends on Wednesday. “Planeat,” about the benefits of a plant-based diet, plays today at 6:20 p.m.; “Urban Roots,” about locally grown foods in Detroit, plays today at 8 p.m.; “Vanishing of the Bees,” about the mystery of colony collapse disorder, plays Wednesday at 6:20 p.m.; and “On Coal River,” about mountaintop removal in West Virginia, plays Wednesday at 8:10 p.m. All of the screenings are at the AFI Silver Theatre in Silver Spring; tickets cost $8.

Jordanian landscapes, Hawaiian lava flows and other rocks worth seeing
Hot Rocks Photo Contest, hosted a photo contest for geologists — or “anyone else who had a great photo of some nice rocks”— and the 11 winners are being showcased in an online gallery. “Photographing geological features is an important aspect of the science, and every now and then every geologist captures an image that is scientifically interesting and stands out aesthetically as well,” according to the show’s introduction. There’s a red-sand valley in Jordan that looks so alien that it’s been used as a stand-in for Mars in Hollywood movies, lava flow in Hawaii and metamorphic rock from Puzzle Mountain in Maine as seen under a microscope.

Rachel Saslow