Twilight years
Horses, dogs and pigs get old, too
Elderly Animals Photos,

Videos of kittens, baby pandas and baby polar bears are always huge hits online, but where’s the love for our elderly four-legged friends? Houston-based artist Isa Leshko has created a touching portfolio of black-and-white photographs of wild and domesticated animals in their twilight years. There’s a dignified 5-year-old turkey named Marino, a sleepy 13-year-old Yorkshire pig named Teresa and a hunched-over 33-year-old thoroughbred horse named Handsome One, among others. According to the artist’s statement, she began the project as a way to explore her feelings about aging, mortality and loss that were triggered by her mother’s Alzheimer’s disease.

Bono’s aid group wants Obama’s help
“Why Bother?” Childhood Vaccines Campaign

Here’s a trick for creating an effective public service announcement: Enlist a bunch of adorable children! The PSA video “Why Bother?” features seven kiddos acting jaded about the prevalence of pneumonia and diarrhea in the developing world and about children’s lack of access to vaccines. “Their problems are too big to solve. . . . I give up,” they say, before turning their attitudes around to “Actually, smart programs are saving lives.” They then ask viewers to sign a petition urging the White House to participate in a conference in London on June 13 and commit to funding immunizations in the world’s poorest countries. The anti-poverty organization ONE, co-founded by activist and U2 frontman Bono, is behind the campaign.

Rachel Saslow