The small Texas bus company involved in a rollover crash that killed eight people and injured 44 others had twice been ordered by Louisiana state inspectors in 2015 to take one of its buses off the road to fix brake and emergency-exit problems.

Records posted online by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration show that regulators ordered OGA Charters to sideline the bus in May 2015 because of brake problems and again in August 2015.

It was unclear Sunday if that was the bus that crashed Saturday about 46 miles north of Laredo or what steps the company took to fix the problems with its sidelined bus between inspections.

According to federal online records, OGA Charters has two buses and the Motor Carrier Safety Administration had it listed with a “satisfactory” rating in May 2014. Records noted that the firm had reported no crashes in the past two years before Saturday. But six driver and vehicle inspections since 2014 found 15 violations, including driver records and hours they were on the road, and vehicle maintenance problems.