The Nation’s Weather for Saturday, July 13, 2019



A batch of dry air and intense July sunshine will extend

from the Ohio Valley to much of the Northeast today. A swath

of showers and thunderstorms will erupt around the Great

Lakes and extend into the northern Plains. Much of the

Southeast states can expect very warm and humid conditions

with a mosaic of mainly afternoon thunderstorms. However, as

Barry moves onshore in Louisiana, torrential rain will

unleash tremendous flooding in urban and low-lying areas as

well as along secondary rivers in Louisiana, Mississippi,

and, later on, Alabama. Storm surge flooding will occur

along part of the central Gulf coast. Locally severe

thunderstorms near and east of the center of the storm can

produce a few tornadoes and waterspouts. Meanwhile, much of

the West will be dry and sunny. Storms will dot the Rockies.


No new information for this time period.


No new information for this time period.


National High Friday 121 at Death Valley, CA

National Low Friday 34 at Gothic, CO


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