Migrants sent near land mines, U.N. says

The U.N. office in Bosnia said Friday that authorities moved 282 migrants who were squatting illegally in the town of Bihac to a tent camp near an area infested with land mines left over from a 1990s war.

U.N. officials said the Vucjak camp is “unsuitable for human habitation.” In addition to the land mines, the camp sits atop a former landfill.

Bosnian police found the migrants Friday staying illegally in two privately owned houses and moved them to the tent camp. Authorities said they will be provided with food, basic facilities and medical care.

Thousands of migrants fleeing war and poverty have been stuck in northwestern Bosnia, which borders European Union member Croatia, as they look for ways to move toward Western Europe.

— Associated Press

Venezuelan migrants rush to beat new rules

Thousands of Venezuelans rushed to Peru’s northern border Friday in hopes of entering the country before it imposed tough immigration rules at midnight.

Venezuela’s economic collapse under President Nicolás Maduro has unleashed the biggest migratory crisis in recent Latin American history, forcing countries like Peru to grapple with an unprecedented surge in immigration. Peru is home to some 800,000 migrants from Venezuela, the government says.

Children dominated the crowds arriving at the Peruvian town of Tumbes from Ecuador on Friday, ahead of the deadline for all Venezuelan migrants to have valid visas and passports.

On Thursday alone, 5,849 Venezuelans entered at Tumbes, compared with a daily average of 1,500 to 2,000 in recent months, Peru’s immigration office said.

— Reuters

Women stage mass strike for equality

Hundreds of thousands of women across Switzerland held a strike Friday to highlight their wealthy nation’s poor record on female rights, re-creating the passion of the last such walkout 28 years ago.

In Zurich, the financial capital and the country’s biggest city, tens of thousands of protesters clogged the streets, blowing whistles and banging pots. “Men, go do the ironing,” one sign read.

“It’s not just about wages. The equal opportunity is not there. At least for the next generation it needs to be there,” Zurich city councilwoman Karin Rykart said as hundreds of municipal workers and police officers demonstrated.

Despite its high quality of life, Switzerland lags behind other developed economies in female pay and workplace equality.

— Reuters

Notre Dame to hold first Mass since fire: Notre Dame cathedral will hold its first Mass since the devastating fire that ravaged the structure in April. The Archdiocese of Paris said that a Mass will be celebrated at 6 p.m. Saturday — two months after the fire that left much of the structure, including its spire, damaged. The Mass will be celebrated by Paris's archbishop, Michel Aupetit, and only 30 people — including clergy and laypeople — will be allowed to attend because of safety concerns. However, the service will be broadcast for others to see on KTO television.

Rescue launched for 3 Bolivians trapped in Chilean mine: Chilean authorities said specialized teams have begun an effort to rescue three Bolivians trapped in a mine in northern Chile. The San Jose mine collapsed late Thursday, trapping the men at a depth of nearly 230 feet. Local authorities confirmed Friday that the men are alive. Firefighters joined other rescue teams at the mine some 900 miles north of the Chilean capital, Santiago.

Russian fire crews save 300 cats from burning shelter: Russian emergency workers rescued hundreds of cats and several dogs from a fire that engulfed an animal shelter. The Emergencies Ministry said its team quickly responded to the fire on St. Petersburg's Vasilyevsky Island, evacuating 300 cats and seven dogs.

— From news services