New year, new teacher. But how well do you know these famous teachers?

Throughout history, there have been teachers who shaped the way students are educated. How well do you know them?


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Who taught Helen Keller, who was deaf and blind, how to communicate? Hint: She was known as the "miracle worker."

Catherine Beecher

Anne Sullivan

Layle Lane

None of the above


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Who is responsible for the teaching method that focuses on the instincts of a child and a more natural approach to learning? Hint: This method is used in many schools around the world.

Catharine Beecher

Clara Barton

Maria Montessori

Jaimle Escalante


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In 1837, the first kindergarten opened. Who is the educator behind it?

Frederick Douglass

Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi

Friedrich Froebel

Charlotte Forten


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This teacher was one of the first African American women to go south and teach former slaves during the Civil War.

Charlotte Forten

Laura Wilder

Harriet Tubman

None of the above


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True or False? Anne Sullivan also suffered from blindness during part of her life.




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Which of these famous women in history was a NOT a teacher at one point in her life?

Mother Theresa

Clara Barton

Harriet Tubman

Charlotte Forten


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True or False? The author of the Little House on the Prairie series, Laura Ingalls Wilder, was a teacher before she wrote the popular books.




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Which current U.S. Senator and former presidential candidate started their career as a teacher? 

Senator Cory Booker 

Senator Elizabeth Warren 

Senator Kamala Harris 

Senator Amy Klobuchar 


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Which educator founded a nonprofit organization before the coronavirus pandemic that created popular virtual learning tools? 

Sal Khan 

Jamie Escalante 

Erin Gruwell

Hanan Al Hroub 


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Plato, one of the most famous ancient Greek philosophers, was taught by which other famous ancient Greek philosopher?

John Locke