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News quiz: NFL rookie fumbles, North Korea tosses insults, 'Dancing' adds a judge

How closely have you been paying attention to the news in the past week? Test your knowledge with Express’ current events quiz.


(Evan Vucci/AP)

What did Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel do to disappoint his coach in Monday night’s game against the Redskins? 

Show up late to the pregame meeting
Turn the ball over three times
Give the middle finger to the Redskins’ sideline
Perform the ice-bucket challenge at halftime


Demonstrators on Wednesday protest the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. (Joshua Lott/AFP/Getty Images)

Which member of Obama’s cabinet made a visit to Ferguson, Mo., this week?

Vice President Joe Biden
Secretary of State John Kerry
Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel
Attorney General Eric Holder


(Adam Taylor/ABC)

“Dancing with the Stars” is adding a new judge. Who is it?

Julianne Hough
Abby Lee Miller
Cheryl Burke
John Travolta


(Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images)

In a dispatch, North Korea on Wednesday called which U.S. newsmaker a “wolf donning the mask of sheep” with a “hideous lantern jaw”?

President Barack Obama
Actor Seth Rogen
Secretary of State John Kerry
Former NBA star Dennis Rodman


November 2012 file photo of photojournalist James Foley. (Nicole Tung/AP)

Horrifying video was released this week showing the execution of James Foley, a U.S. photojournalist. Foley went missing in 2012 while covering a conflict in which country?

South Sudan


(Getty Images)

Which politician pleaded not guilty this week to felony charges that he abused his office?

Ray Nagin
Rick Perry
Bob McDonnell
Barack Obama

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