If you haven’t already, please read my colleague Eli Saslow’s story on the life and death of Anna Marrie Jones of Tecumseh, Okla. Eli is a masterful reporter and writer and this story kicks off a year-long project here at The Post in which we explore the rising mortality rate among white women in midlife — and what that means for everyone, and American health generally.

The second story, which I wrote with colleague Dan Keating, will be published this morning. I’ll be back here to discuss what we found. And please feel free to comment on the story on the article page. This has been a lot of work and is the reason this blog has been quiescent for a couple of weeks. There’s a lot of data to go through, and we’re writing about a phenomenon for which there’s no simple explanation or singular cause. As always I’m so grateful that we have such smart readers out there who can help us make sense of these things. I’ll post a link when the story’s up.