"La La Land" didn't have to be humiliated for "Moonlight" to win.

Honoring great work doesn't have to mean forgiving the private acts or beliefs of the person who created it.

Witherspoon is so blonde and pretty that for a long time, Hollywood ignored her ability to be scabrously, subversively funny.

Women like Conway don't just flatter Trump's idea of himself. They use their gender as cover to try to sell him to others.

"The Lego Movie" argued that you can tell any story with the same toys. "The Lego Batman Movie" ultimately suggests that you can tell only one.

In the "John Wick" movies, women who try to make it in a violent, stylish crime world die. But the men who live aren't exactly happy, either.

The critic's biography of Elia Kazan is a masterpiece of looking outside your own perspective.

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Conservative students embraced a provocateur who had no genuine interest in their movement and gave him the platform he needed to profit.

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