Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister in “Game of Thrones.” (Credit: Neil Davidson)

-I have a long essay in the Outlook section of this Sunday’s paper about how rape survivors have displaced middle-aged white men as the most important characters on many of today’s most important dramas. It, uh, might be something you want to read before the return of “Game Of Thrones” this weekend. I will be expanding on it in weeks to come.

-And while you all are reading that, I have my nose (metaphorically) buried in Jeet Heer’s review of a new biography of John Updike.

-Catherine Rampell and I will be discussing “Silicon Valley” at length on Sunday, but if you need to be convinced to watch it, Nolan Feeney has smart thoughts on what it might signify, and James Poniewozik has a great review. And if the show is making Elon Musk cranky, it must be doing something right.

-CBS would like Stephen Colbert, the real human, not the fictional conservative, to host “Late Night” now that David Letterman is retiring.