This thing where it refuses to be warm in Washington is profoundly depressing, but at least it is justifying my choice to stay in a lot and to keep plugging at this book about the Profumo Affair I have been reading, about which more to come. Also, I have a trip coming up, so if you have book suggestions, I would be grateful for them in the comments.

Washington, DC - March 27, 2014: Peep diorama's were photographed at The Washington Post in Washington, DC on Thursday March 27, 2014. (Photo by Joseph Victor Stefanchik for The Washington Post) A diorama in The Post’s annual contest. (Joseph Victor Stefanchik for The Washington Post)

-A sad reason to talk about on-set safety.

-Apparently, there is an unpublished Gabriel Garcia Marquez manuscript out there. If he chose not to publish it, I am not sure how I feel about his family contravening that decision.

-However, I am definitely exceptionally excited to see Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan together again in “The Trip to Italy.”

-What hath The Post Peeps contest wrought?

-Neda Ulaby looks at the rise of transgender characters on television.

-Mitch Hurwitz has a new deal with Netflix to do non-“Arrested Development” things, if that is your bag.

-I think I’m more interested in the lady pirates in this trailer than in Crazy John Malkovich and his clocks: