If you are making television-watching plans tonight, I want to highly, highly recommend “Coming Back With Wes Moore,” a documentary series premiering on PBS this evening. And it inspires tonight’s question: what do you think of recent fictional depictions of veterans of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan? Any favorites? Or failures?

• H.R. Giger, who designed the titular monster in Ridley Scott’s “Alien,” is dead at 74.

• The woman who popularized the idea of “privilege.”

LOUIE: Episode 2: Louis C.K. as Louie. (Credit: K.C. Bailey/FX)

• Willa Paskin has a fabulous interview with the wonderful Sarah Baker, who rocked it on last night’s “Louie.” Vulture has transcribed the scene in question here. And Libby Hill has more thoughts on what it means for a fat woman to get to speak for herself on television.

• With her husband under fire for racist comments, Shelly Sterling plays the sexism card.

• Shonda Rhimes will stay with ABC for another four years.

• The rich need discounts, too.

• Dragons: not just confined to “Game of Thrones.” I am very much looking forward to this novel.

• A mute button finally comes to Twitter.

• Dan Harmon’s letter to “Community” fans.

• A new Janelle Monae video is always cause for celebration: