Wedding season is officially upon us — or at least, it arrived for me this weekend. That leads me to our question of the day: What is the best, most surprising song choice you have heard at any point during a wedding, from the walk down the aisle to the last dance? What about the absolute worst, least-appropriate track?

-One place India’s recent national elections may have an unexpected impact: the country’s movie industry.

FILE - In this Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2013 file photo, actor Alec Baldwin leaves criminal court in New York. Baldwin testified that he never had a sexual or romantic relationship with Canadian actress Genevieve Sabourin, who is accused of stalking him. MSNBC and Alec Baldwin say they are ending the actor's talk show, which was suspended for two weeks after the actor used an anti-gay slur against a photographer in a New York City street. MSNBC said it was a Alec Baldwin in 2010. (Seth Wenig/Associated Press)

-An illuminating look at art collector Frederick Koch.

Remembering “The Godfather” cinematographer Gordon Willis.

-It seems fairly reasonable to me that if you want to run Rhode Island, you should be able to explain your stance on the state’s commitment to video-game maker 38 Studios, which turned into a financial disaster.

Brie Larson in an adaptation of an acclaimed novel? Sign me up as fast as is humanely possible.

-I would be very curious to see Showtime’s athlete-doping show take on a different sport each season.

-If you like “Sailor Moon,” you are about to get access to uncut versions of all 200 episodes of the show.

-Elite New Yorkers are a very particular group, but I wonder if this is a bellwether for Alec Baldwin’s future prospects.

-Don Draper meets the X-Men.