I will have lots of thoughts tomorrow on Slate’s latest provocation, an argument that adults should be ashamed of reading young adult fiction. But for now, I will make it the question of the day: If you read young adult literature, are you embarrassed by that? If so, why?

•Rebecca Traister has a marvelous essay on the Slenderman stabbing and the power of female bonds.

•Wired wants to know what you think of spoilers and spoiler warnings.

•Trailers for “The Giver” finally give us a sense of a world without color.

•Any must-watch movie list that includes “The Lady Eve” is good by me.

-A very interesting analysis of racism in fandom.

•Amazon (standard disclosure about Jeff Bezos owning The Post) may be finding a way to make more money without squeezing publishers.

•HBO is adapting Margaret Atwood’s “MaddAddam” trilogy, though given how many shows they buy and never air, we will have to wait and see if it ever makes it on air.