Commencement speakers have been getting a bad rap this season, but at Dartmouth this year, Shonda Rhimes was smart, self-deprecating and clear that she is not a fan your hashtag activism. Which leads us to our question of the day: Who is your dream unconventional commencement speaker (or speaker at any event at all)?

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ALBUQUERQUE, NM - MAY 10: ALBUQUERQUE, NM MAY 10: Arriving Amtrak passengers are seen walking towards the terminal during Amtraks National Train Day on MAY 10, 2014 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The annual event was held at Albuquerques Alvarado Transportation Center. (Photo by Steve Snowden/Getty Images for Amtrak) (Photo by Steve Snowden/Getty Images for Amtrak)

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