NPR reports that high school popularity fades by age 22, though pop culture would have us believe that women can get pulled back into the dynamics of high school at the wink of an eye. Which leads to our question of the day: What was the point at which you felt like high school social hierarchies no longer applied to you?

Ruby Dee, winner of outstanding performance by a female actor in a supporting role for her part in Ruby Dee.

• Ruby Dee is dead at 91.

• The Brian Lehrer show was kind enough to have me on to talk about young adult literature, and you can listen to the segment here.

• “The Fault In Our Stars” is dedicated to a real person. Her sister remembers her life off the page.

• Jill Abramson is coming to Harvard.

• On the rise and rise of Benedict Cumberbatch.

• What happened to “Ronan Farrow Daily”?

• The real power of the soundtrack to “The Lion King.”

• You are going to have to clear a pretty high bar to convince me of the value of an assassination comedy.