Television host Chelsea Handler. (Mark Davis/Getty Images)

Let’s start off with the big, immediately applicable news: Here at The Post, we are working with Mozilla and the New York Times to develop a new comments system that we will make available to other sites once it is complete. I think we have done a good job making these threads, at least, civilized and interesting. But as we move forward with the new technology, I am curious about our question of the day: What are your favorite online communities, and what tools and practices have you found made them congenial?

• Chelsea Handler is taking her talents to Netflix.

•On the greatness of the drum solo.

What counts as a television hit these days?

•I feel like Queen Elizabeth would actually be a pretty good stealth long-game player in “Game of Thrones.”

•Japan bans child pornography, but with an exception for manga and anime.

•Oh, hey, turns out that having a CEO who behaves like Dov Charney does might actually be a liability.

•I would concur with this award for best television network.

Washington’s last serial killer, and what his crimes tell us about how the District has changed.

•Pretty darn excited for “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,” not least because this is one franchise that feels like it has been genuinely revitalized, not just photocopied: