I am looking forward to seeing “Snowpiercer,” an adaptation of a French graphic novel, as soon as possible. I think I would have been enthusiastic about the prospect of a dystopian science fiction story set on a never-pausing train under any circumstances. But I am feeling rather severe franchise burnout, and the prospect of a movie not tethered to an ongoing storytelling project feels like an oasis in this desert of a summer.

A FIFA official tests the pitch as rain pours down prior to the group G World Cup soccer match between the United States and Germany at the Arena Pernambuco in Recife, Brazil, on Thursday. (Petr David Josek/Associated Press)

Which leads us to our question of the day: Which science fiction or fantasy novel would you particularly like to see adapted given recent trends in franchises like the Marvel Universe and the revivified Star Trek movies?

• It turns out that it is neither delightful nor healthful to play highly competitive sports in very high temperatures.

• Apprently, André 3000 is producing Aretha Franklin’s new album. I am on board for this.

• The National Football League is going to spend a lot of money on head-injury claims.

• The New York Public Library is going to lend broadband.

• Jerry Saltz on Jeff Koons’ legacy.

• There are a lot of potential answers to this question.

The man behind the current Hollywood sex abuse scandal.

• Medium starts staffing up with the intention of becoming a publication, not just a platform.

• The story behind Beyoncé’s video for “Flawless.”

• 30 Rockefeller Center is getting a facelift.

• Sia gives us a new bad-day anthem: